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Page One

There was a commotion, and it wasn’t Roy’s fault for once. He looked up from the magazine he was reading, seeing the shopkeeper chase a human child away from the counter with a broom. Roy hid his face behind the magazine, trying to stifle the laughter at the scene in front of him. Once the scene had calmed down, Roy moved to the drink fridge, opening the glass door and gripping a pop can. He picked up a bag of chips as he passed the rack on his way to the counter, pulling out his wallet. The shopkeeper, broom behind him, seemed to be refusing to keep eye contact with Roy. He didn’t mind, though, as he understood he was strange to the humans. It had only been two decades or so since the underworlders had been accepted into human life, and there was still a lot of prejudices against them. Roy didn’t look too inhuman, but still had his differences, with pointed teeth and ears. His pupils, though, were by far the strangest. They made a spiral around the iris, instead of a full black circle.
“Have a nice day!” Roy turned to leave, gripping his purchases.
“Denomic freaks.” It was muttered just out of what would be human earshot, but Roy didn’t react, continuing to move across the pavement. He had a bus to catch, and a friend to meet.

“Roy! Over here!” Someone waved, webbed fingers just above the crowd. The young underworlder moved towards his friend, a mermaid named krissie. She grinned at him, leaning against the glass of the movable tank whe was in. It was basically a wheelchair, but where the seat would be was a tank full of water. Krissie squealed as Roy leaned over to hug her, laughing at her excitment.
“Can you believe it? He’s gonna be here! In our town!” The mermaid said, melodic voice high pitched. Roy nodded.
“I can, cause you’ve been talking about it for the past month!” He chuckled, standing up straight and looking around. Magnus, The biggest Underworlder rock star was travling to their region, preforming for large crowds. A bonafided celebrity, going to be meters from the crowd.
“Can you see if we can get closer?” Krissie asked, pushing herself up from the tank, but to no avail. Roy nodded, taking hold of the handles behind the half girl, trying his best to navigate his way to the front. “I told you we should have come sooner!”
“I had to work! They really dont give me a break there, I’m telling you!” It took a few minutes, but finally Roy found an opening at the front, pushing his friend just behind a railing set up between the road and the hotel front doors. The two chatted until a car pulled up, and the crowd around them started cheering.
“Roy!” Krissie gripped his arm, shaking it. “He’s here! He’s actually here!”
” as well as his body guards.” Roy commented, watching as three men in black suits stepped out of the car first, Magnus after them and then a fourth man in a black suit. Roy resisted the urge to cover his ears as the crowd around them went wild. He laughed as he was almost pulled over by Krissie’s tugging on his arm. There were a few quick waves from Magnus, but the guards hurried him into the building pretty quickly. It would be another couple of minutes before the crowd around the friends began to calm down, and Roy leaned over to Krissie.
“I don’t think hes coming back out. Did you want to get home before dark?” She visibably deflated, but nodded, still smiling.
“That would probably be best.” Roy nodded back, trying his best to move to the back of her chair again. In the process, he bumped into a human man, a pretty large one as well.
“Hey, watch it vermin scum!”
“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean-” but before Roy could finish his sentence, he felt hands against his shoulder, violently pushing. He was caught off guard, and fell to the side as he heard Krissie scream as the thick red ropes keeping the crowd away from the door fell with Roy as he fell onto the clear area. He braced himself to hit the pavement, but instead collided with someone. Looking up, Roy gasped. Holding him up was the most beautiful man he had ever laid eyes on. Thick, grey horns curled around his long ears, his slanted eyes a peircing blue. He glared, and for a moment Roy thought at himself, but instead at the man who pushed him.
“You’d do well, sir.” He pushed Roy upright, brushing himself off, “to manage your anger.”
“What are you gonna do about it? You scum.”
“If you feel that way,I doubt you’ll feel any pain if I made sure you never went to another one of Magnus’s concerts if you don’t apologize.” The man bristled at that, stepping closer.
“How you gonna do that, beast?” The underworlder man smiled, then, a sick twisted grin.
“I have my ways.” The brute of a man huffed, before shooting a glance at Roy.
“Sorry.” He muttered it, but stomped off before Roy or the other man could say anything. Feeling another hand on his shoulder, Roy turned. The Underworlder man who had caught him was smilling at him. A much nicer smile than the one from earlier.
“are you okay?” Roy nodded dumbly as the crowd dispersed, Krissie wheeling closer, fear and wonder in her eyes.
“Thank you, sir! For helping my friend there!” She said, staring up at him. He just nodded, bowing to take her hand, planting a gentle kiss on it.
“I’m ever gladder to have helped him if you’re friends with him.” He cooed, and Roy felt a twinge of something. Jealousy? No, it couldn’t have been. The man was beautiful, no doubt, with his short black hair and graceful way he walked. Even the goats hooves he had instead of feet were polished and glistened in the sunlight. But Roy wasn’t gay. He never really had a proper girlfriend, but he definetly wasn’t gay.
“I’m Cravats. And you are…?”
“Krissie.” She giggled, leaning against the edge of her tank in interest. Cravats turned to Roy, expenctantly.
“Oh! Sorry, I’m Roy. Thank you for sticking up so for me back there.” Cravats waved his hand carelessly.
“It was a pleasure. I don’t take too kindly to brutes like him.” He smirked, eyeing Roy up and down. Taking out a card from his pocket, he handed it to Roy.
“I’ll be in this town for a while.” Cravats mentioned, smiling at the two friends. “I’d love someone to hang out with. Give me a call, yeah?”
“Y-yeah.” Roy nodded, looking down at the card. It just said Cravat’s first name and a number. Cravats grinned again, waving as he walked into the hotel. Roy watched him leave, taking particular notice of how toned his ass was. Krissie elbowed him, giving a shit-eating grin. Roy groaned as he predocted what she was going to say.
“Someones got a crush!”
“Oh, shut your mouth.” He hissed, moving to push her away from the hotel and towards the bus station. She laughed, reaching behind her to poke at Roy’s nose.
“You didn’t deny it.” Roy rolled hos eyes, continuing to move down the street, card in his hand.

Cravats opened the door to a room, seeing his brother at a window. Magnus turned away from the glass, stari g pointedly at Cravats, who become deffensive.
“You’ve got some new friends.” Magnus laughed, turning back to the window.
“So what? I won’t get attached. We’re gone in a week.”
“You gave him your card.”
“So? He was cute. She was cute. If I get laid in this back water town, I’d call that a success.” Magnus rolled his eyes, standing up. He was much more human looking than his brother, with just long, elf like ears and stars in his pupils. Magnus clapped a hand on his brother’s back as he passed by, moving into his private room.
“I just wish you happiness, bro bro.”
“and I just you’d leave me alone.”


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