Have you ever known you would regret doing something, then proceeded to do it anyways?
I have. The most recent one being last night. When I gave myself a tattoo. 
Yup. You read that right. I took an hour out of my day and gave myself a tattoo of a soot sprite. Mind you, I’ve never worked with a tattoo machine before. I was going off wikihow and youtube instructions. Its a little sootsprite, and its sideways on my leg. And I simultaneously hate and love it. I hate that I was stupid enough to do such a stupid thing, and I hate how bad it is. But I love that I tried. I tried. I believed I could do something and I did. I didn’t do it very well, but I still did it. Its not that big, anyways, being just a touch bigger than my thumbprint. and I don’t have any intentions of covering it up or removing it, though I may add to it so its not sideways. 
I did a stupid thing, and I’m laughinf while I kick myself. 


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