Introductions and whatnot

I’m Kait, and I have depression with a side dose of psychosis. This means I will randomly feel sad for no reason as well as I hear a voice. Her name is Patric, and shes a bitch of a brainmate. 
Some other things about me; 

~I watch cartoons, like Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, and Gravity falls. 
~Hawkeye is my favourite superhero, especially comic book Clint with hearing aids. 
~I like to draw and hate to math. 
~ I’m still learning. 
~ fish are friends, not food. 
~ speaking of Finding Nemo, I have a tattoo inspired by the movie. 
~speaking of tattoos, I have 3! 
~ I’m secretly a shapeshifting mad women. 
~ I play games like Paranoia, Dungeons and Dragons, and call of Cthulhu. I like the freedom they give me to think creativly to solve problems. 
~ I like cryptids and mythical creatures, espscially Jackalopes. Griffins are a close second. 
This blog will mainly be me venting and be my journal, basically. But be warned, I suck at updating. 
I hope you have a nice day! Or night, or morning. Whatever time it is for you. 



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